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Education Berklee College of Music - BM degree, Music Production & Engineering '94 Instruments Vocals, Guitars, Drums/Percussion, Keyboards Recording Studio? Yes! In the converted garage: Cakewalk Sonar, 8-track digital I/O, treated/tuned room, lots of mic and monitoring options...

Dogs Don't Care About Magnets

Dogs Dont Care About Magnets

This CD/album/collection of songs (not sure what to call these things anymore) was written, performed, recorded, mixed, et cetera by myself in 2010. Just saying...

You can purchase individual songs (as MP3s) or order the whole CD from CD Baby here:, or from Amazon, or iTunes

Or just listen here FREE in this pimped-out jPlayer HTML5 audio player I "made" (I made the skin...).

The Retribution Blues Band